Redevelopment of the Meridian Centre, Peacehaven

Public Consultation


Consultation relating to the redevelopment of the Meridian Centre is being undertaken by Pegasus Group on behalf of Henry Davidson Developments (HDD).  Pegasus Group is committed to engaging with the local community and is keen to hear people’s views on their emerging proposals.

How Will We Consult People?

A leaflet has been delivered to households and businesses in Peacehaven, letting people know about our initial ideas for the proposals.

You can leave any comments you have on the draft proposals on this website, at the ‘Make Your Views Known’ page.

What will happen to my comments?

All thoughts, suggestions and issues received as part of this consultation will be carefully read and considered to help shape our proposals for the site.

A Consultation Statement will be produced to accompany any future planning application. This report will provide feedback to everyone who has been involved in the process, identifying key issues raised, how they have been considered and how they have shaped the proposals.